American Dynasty: A Political boardgame

American Dynasy smashes 120 years of legislation, scandals, and political events into an anachronistic 5 term face-off between 4 great American Political families. The game rewards players who display strong civic virtues like ruthless calculation, unabashed nepotism, relentless bullying, and—should the need arise—a willingness to waterboard the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt. 

As a general creative consultant I've contributed to gameplay concepting, marketing strategy and executions, art direction, copy for everything from playing cards to press releases, as well as advising on design iterations, and representing the game at a handful of industry conventions. 

AD Marketing Manifesto.001.jpeg

Bim Bam Boo

Bim Bam Boo is a game-changing product that puts human health and ecological responsibility first. I was honored to co-write this sumptuously wackadoo—and ultimately successful—KickStarter video for a woman owned, millennial run, Minnesota based startup.

Moonstone Continuum

Moonstone Continuum was a band/performance art project that brought prog-inflected moods and moral panic to Minneapolis audiences from 2008-2013. The band had went through 2 distinct phases, first as a fire and brimstone cult, and second as a grooved out Miami miasma. Each phase culminated in an album release with local label Totally Gross National Product. Moonstone was fortunate to play many untraditional venues across the United States, but our finest achievement was performing on the lawn of the Glensheen murder-mansion during a rainstorm.

Cover art for the album NR:4;3.1-3 by Michael Gaughan. 

Cover art for the album NR:4;3.1-3 by Michael Gaughan. 


An all-male Britney Spears cover band intended to demonstrate the gem-like construction of some of the most successful pop songs ever recorded to an audience that might be uncomfortable with their typical packaging. Although the novelty was always limited, Spearz developed a small but devoted following, opening for Kelly Rowland at the Twin Cities Pride Festival, and headlining the third ever Toledo Pride Festival. Unaccountably, our first video has remained especially popular in Vietnam.