Oh, hi there! I'm Micah Mackert, copywriter, creative conceptor, and tinsel enthusiast based in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Whether it's a Sunday tweet or a site overhaul, I do all the copy things under the blissful sun. But creative work is always strongest when it's strategically integrated with a brand's broader philosophy. I draw on my experience as a writer and performer to tap into a brand's real reason for being, and create solutions that tangibly benefit their audience. 

I got my start in marketing as an intern and freelancer at Coffee House Press, and Milkweed Editions, nonprofit literary presses based in Minneapolis. By way of an internship at Zeus Jones I pivoted into advertising so I could tell stories to a wider audience. Since 2015 I have been doing freelance creative at Zeus Jones, Superhuman, The New Normal, and a handful of local companies. For half a year in between I helped develop marketing and business strategies for Pianu, a tech startup that teaches piano through gamified learning. 

Micah is an excellent copywriter, and has a great gift for language. He’s very versatile and can handle projects from website copywriting to SEO to creative ideation to naming. Most importantly, he can take a huge pile of complex inputs, meticulously sort through it and turn it in to organized, correct, on-brand creative work. That mix of left-brain and right-brain thinking is rare in this field.
— Becky Lang, Lead Creative Director at Superhuman Agency

I specialize in:


-Web writing

-Digital marketing

-Brand development

-Product development

-Narrative development

-Diving head first

-B2C, B2B, Startups

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I couldn’t have imagined a more creative, brilliant and easy-to-work-with writer on this campaign. Thank you for sharing your talents and your tremendous support of the brand/product! Looking forward to our next project together.
— Zoë Lillian Levin, President and Co-founder of Ecosentials